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 Post subject: The courtship between the BNP and Zionist Jewry
PostPosted: Wed Sep 19, 2012 11:51 am 
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The courtship between the BNP and Zionist Jewry

Thanks for sending me the URL of Nick Griffin’s speech to a recent gathering of the Alliance of European National Movements, which I run out below. I had the existence of this video drawn to my attention by somebody who attended the Iona London Forum meeting on 1st September at which I delivered a speech on the topic: “Bribery and Blackmail — How Jewry Controls the British Establishment”. If you would like a CD, please let me know with a return postal address.

In addition to those in the ‘Cc’ line, I also copy this to friends in the ‘Bcc’line because I believe that the information below, plus attachments, will be of interest to many beyond ourselves.

I am only able to included 10% of the information I could deploy to sustained my point of view, but I just do not have the time. I do include a few files from my archive (mostly in rtf format, but one ‘Word ‘doc’ and a couple of pdfs which I hope you can open).

I could understand genuine nationalists taking a positive attitude towards Griffin on the basis of that speech.....IF they had little or no knowledge of Griffin’s long history of policy/ideology duckings and divings, U-turns, contradictions, broken promises, etc., and his equally long record of financial abuses against all of the organisations and many of the individuals with which he has been associated since he entered nationalist scene in 1975.

But those of us who have had a sustained and close association with him and a full knowledge of his 37 year record of involvement in the nationalist scene can only groan at yet another demonstration of this man’s cynicism (and the ‘hope-spings-eternal’ credulity of the naïve, the desperate and the wilfully stupid). Those people who have had experience of him will know that the speech is not worth even the tentatively sceptical “Hmmmmm....” subject-line which you generously accorded it.

Have you forgotten — or did you ever know? — that when in 1999 Griffin stood against John Tyndall for the leadership of the BNP, in order to assert that he was at least as ‘hard-line’ a nationalist as was Tyndall, he claimed (to the appropriate ‘hard-line’ audiences — verbally, never in writing) authorship of a substantial and excellent booklet called The Mind-Benders which exposed Jewish ownership of most of the mass-media and the use to which Jewry put their media power. The book in fact was researched and written by a post-graduate student called Mark Deavin with whom Griffin was closely associated at that time. Deavin could not announce himself as the author of the work for fear of being evicted from his Ph.D course.

Griffin’s campaign for the leadership of the BNP was given in 1998, to the surprise of many at that time, a massive boost by The Times (Editor, James Harding, a Jew; Assistant Editor, Danny Finkelstein, a Jew; chief political columnist David Aaronovitch, an ex-Communist Party Jew). A two-page spread decorated with a large colour photo of Griffin (specially posed for the article: farmer’s clothes down to the green ‘wellies’, leaning over the gate of his smallholding in Wales looking very un-extreme and amiable) and a smaller black and white photo of Tyndall (in the paroxism of a rally peroration: face contorted, gesticulating wildly hair and spittle flying).

The article was written by Michael Gove, then an Associate Editor of The Times, now the Minister for Education in David Cameron’s coalition government. Gove’s wife, Sarah Vine, is Jewish and is still a leading writer for The Times. In 2008 Gove was awarded by the Zionist Federation’s Jerusalem Prize for his “dedication to the safety and security needs of Israel”. Why would a man like Gove, with all his domestic, professional and political connections, see the need to puff Griffin? Because people much higher up the food chain ordained that it be so.

Once Griffin had secured the leadership of the BNP his programme of dumping the BNP’s anti-Jewish, anti-Zionist stance got into gear, as did the cultivation of him by various Jewish and Neo-Con individuals. I have documented developments along that path during the previous decade in my Electronic Loose Cannon bulletins, but I cannot rehearse all that material now.

I will only say that Griffin distanced himself from any responsibility for the The Mind-Benders and publicly forbad its sale by the BNP book service and by any of the party’s branches. That presaged a continuous effort by Griffin and his coterie to dump “anti-semitism”, to go “neutral” on Palestine, to accept not only a multi-racial society (“repatriation is both unfeasible and inhumane” — Griffin to a BBC Radio 4 World at One interview) but also to accept racial inter-breeding (“We can take a little salt in the soup” — Griffin in the same BBC interview, conducted, as I remember, in 2002).

In addition to that Griffin was used by his Jewish/Neo-Con mentors to go to meetings of other European nationalist movements to ‘calm down’ anti-Jewish sentiment (e.g.: “Just because most Russian Oligarchs are Jewish it doesn’t mean to say that all Jews are Oligarchs...” — Griffin in, I think 2005, to a conference of a Belgium nationalist party, some of whose members were in an uproar over Jewish financial power). All this was recounted by Griffin himself in his Christmas blog for that year.

There was a continuous output of anti-“anti-semitism” in his and in his associates’ blogs. The policy of rejecting multi-racialism and all coloured immigration was replaced by a placebo policy of hostility to Islam/Muslims, which of course served Jewry’s and Israel’s interests, but did not compromise the Jewish strategy of plunging white gentile nations into the multi-racial chaos. The naïve ‘lumpen’ of the BNP did not perceive the change and its implications.

Eventually even the Jews and the Neo-Cons came to realise that Griffin was an unreliable opportunist with an ‘dodgy’ background who could not be relied upon in the way that they could rely on Geert Wilders in Holland. Further, the BNP had failed to maintain its tide of support among the electorate at the last UK general election. Information about Griffin’s dodgy financial dealings was also widespread.

Griffin’s attempts to get himself and his fellow BNP European Parliament member Andrew Brons accepted into the EU Parliament nationalist alliance led by Wilders failed. Thus Griffin needed to create another platform to spout from, so the Alliance of European National Movements was created. As far as I know, the only significant other European party in that alliance is the Jobbik Party of Hungary. But the Hungarians are “anti-semitic”.

Against that background Griffin has had to cope with not only the seeming disappearance of Jewish/Neo-Con backers, but also the evaporation of the membership of the BNP. Many former BNP members keep in touch with each other via various forums and web sites. A significant number of these people reject the ingratiation with Jewry strategy line adopted by Griffin since he became BNP leader.

So, bereft of his once hoped-for Jewish/Neo-Con sponsors, faced with a disappearing membership and the certainty that he would not be re-elected to his well-salaried position as a member of EU Parliament, what does Griffin do to rebuild the party and provide for himself, thereby, with an income? He reverts to type and attempts to perform yet another of his volte face tricks in the hope that ‘the old guard’ will return and help him rebuild the BNP.

He is also desperate to keep the BNP in existence for one other important financial reason. People who were BNP members in its hey-day may have died before the collapse and may have made the party bequests in their wills. He has alrfeady picked up one such bequest for £500,000, left to “The Treasurer, BNP”. I believe Griffin has appointed one of his daughters to be Treasurer of the party.

Yours sincerely,



ʎɐqǝ uo pɹɐoqʎǝʞ ɐ ʎnq ı ǝɯıʇ ʇsɐן ǝɥʇ sı sıɥʇ

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 Post subject: Re: The courtship between the BNP and Zionist Jewry
PostPosted: Wed Sep 19, 2012 12:21 pm 
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Excellent writer isn't he?
He would do well to write a book about British nationalism.
On second thoughts he must wait for the NG story to end first. :lol:

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 Post subject: Re: The courtship between the BNP and Zionist Jewry
PostPosted: Tue Dec 18, 2012 2:36 pm 

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Griffin first appeared on the BNP scene in March 1993 . A meeting in Croydon. Also on the Platform was Richard Edmonds. The speech Griffin gave made Richard look like a liberal.
Griffin emphasised his 'hardline' credentials by talking about the glory days of the 'real' Front. (ie NF) which he omitted to mention he had utterly wrecked 7 years before. He then spent an hour denouncing the Holocaust and Zionism generally. Any agent in the hall would have noted that Griffin is not a man Jewry could ever trust. Now the bastard has gone full circle and tries to re-recruit traditional nationalists. He turned up in 1993
because he realised the party had the potential to fulfil his his greed and ego!

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 Post subject: Re: The courtship between the BNP and Zionist Jewry
PostPosted: Tue Dec 18, 2012 6:37 pm 

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He kept up the belief in traditional nationalism until he secured the leadership in '99. After that he promoted civic nationalism with the only strong emphasis on being anti-Islam. He was bought and sold quite a while back..

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